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Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the most famous Kung Fu genres, old, influential and an important part of Chinese Kung Fu.

Shaolin Temple

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An introduction to the Shaolin Temple

Destinations: Henan | China
Topics: Martial Arts
The weather of Wuzhizhou island belongs to the tropical marine climate which is temperate and pleasant all year round.

Hainan's Wuzhizhou Coral Island

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Hainan's Wuzhizhou (or Lover's) Island is a mini paradise for lovers because of its beautiful scenery, tranquil surroundings, abundant plant life, dense forests and green hills...

Destinations: China
Topics: Travel | Sports
Yabuli Ski Resort is the best ski resort in China.

Yabuli Ski Resort, China

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Yabuli Ski Resort is currently not only the biggest but also the best established and facilitated skiing resort in China.

Destinations: China
Topics: Travel | People | Festivals | Beaches & Resorts | Sports | Art
Leshan Giant Buddha is located at the insection of Min River, Qingyi River and Dadu River. It's carved on the cliff of Mt.Lingyunshan to the north of Min River.

The Largest Buddha -- Le Shan (Chengdu)

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As a colossal statue the Buddha is so awe-inspiring that every pious Buddhist feels compelled to fall to his knees and to pray for blessings and safety in life.

Destinations: China | Chengdu
Topics: Culture | Travel | Photography | Literature | Religion | Art | Nature
Wolong Nature Reserve is the largest nature reserve with the most complex nature conditions, and the most rare plants and animals.

Wolong Reserve Park

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Wolong Nature Reserve has large scale breeding places of national highly protected animals like Giant Panda, lesser panda and golden monkey...

Destinations: China | Chengdu
Topics: Travel | National Parks | Animals | Nature

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