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To Japan With Love: A Travel Guide for the Connoisseur
Edited and with contributions by Celeste Heiter
Photographs by Robert George

From crawling through Buddha’s nose at Todaiji Temple to finding peace in Hiroshima, discover the secrets of savvy expatriates, seasoned travelers, and inspired locals. With its unique insights into dining, shopping, sightseeing, and culture, To Japan With Love is a one-of-a-kind guide for the passionate traveler.

To Japan With Love is based on the highly praised To Asia with Love: A Connoisseurs’ Guide to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.  

— "... a guide with depth and color that most of [its] competitors lack ..." - Thai Day (International Herald Tribune) 

— "... breaks new ground in the travel writing field ..." - Untamed Travel

— "... a refreshing addition to the traveler's bookshelf ... evocative and eclectic ..." - Chic Travel Thailand 

— "... a delightful introduction to Cambodia and the Mekong region for those looking for some inspiration and adventure." - Lonely Planet Cambodia 

— Honorable Mention, Independent Publisher Book Awards 

When it comes to Japan, no one knows it better than the contributors to To Japan With Love. Sharing their own stories in their own words, they will introduce you to some of the country’s most memorable experiences.  



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To Japan With Love's Recent Contributions

Lotus blossom on Shinobazu Pond in the heart of Tokyo’s Ueno Park.

Alice Yamada follows her bliss in Kyoto

To Japan With Love - tojapanwithlove [588]

In the company of her beloved mama, Alice Yamada indulges at Arashiyama Benkei, a high-end hot spring hotel ... "I was blissfully falling asleep, wondering how I managed to be so fortunate---resting...

Destinations: Kyoto | Japan
Topics: Travel
To Japan With Love

Jasmin Young catches a wave in the surf town of Taito

To Japan With Love - tojapanwithlove [588]

Home to numerous professional surf events, Taito also hosts the annual Surf Town Fiesta, which combines catching waves with educating visitors about how to be an eco-friendly surfer.

Destinations: Japan
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Beaches & Resorts | Sports | Nature | Ecotourism
Japanese maple tree in autumn.

Arin Greenwood snowshoes silently through Hirafu

To Japan With Love - tojapanwithlove [588]

After failing in her attempts to learn to snowboard, Arin Greenwood discovers a peaceful alternative: snowshoeing through the quiet woodlands of Mt. Yotei.

Destinations: Japan
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Sports | Nature
The great statue of Buddha known as the Dai Butsu, in Kamakura, Japan.

Landon Fry wriggles through the Buddha's nose in Nara

To Japan With Love - tojapanwithlove [588]

Landon Fry finds a unique way to immerse himself in local culture---he attempts to fit through Buddha's nose at Todai-ji temple in Nara.

Destinations: Nara | Japan
Topics: Travel | Religion | Traditions
To Japan With Love

Michael John Grist trespasses in Izu-Nagaoka

To Japan With Love - tojapanwithlove [588]

Abandoned in the 1990s, Sports World occupies an idyllic position at the crown of the Izu Peninsula, overlooking a wide swath of richly forested mountains and valleys. In its heyday it was a sport and...

Destinations: Japan
Topics: Travel | Adventure | Architecture

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