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To Cambodia With Love: A Travel Guide for the Connoisseur
Edited and with contributions by Andy Brouwer
Photographs by Tewfic El-Sawy

From wilderness hikes in the Cardamom Mountains to scenic picnics overlooking Angkor Wat, discover the secrets of savvy expatriates, seasoned travelers, and inspired locals. With its unique insights into dining, shopping, sightseeing, and culture, To Cambodia With Love is a one-of-a-kind guide for the passionate traveler. 

To Cambodia With Love is based on the highly praised To Asia with Love: A Connoisseurs’ Guide to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.   

— "... a guide with depth and color that most of [its] competitors lack ..." - Thai Day (International Herald Tribune) 

— "... breaks new ground in the travel writing field ..." - Untamed Travel

— "... a refreshing addition to the traveler's bookshelf ... evocative and eclectic ..." - Chic Travel Thailand 

— "... a delightful introduction to Cambodia and the Mekong region for those looking for some inspiration and adventure." - Lonely Planet Cambodia 

— Honorable Mention, Independent Publisher Book Awards 

When it comes to Cambodia, no one knows it better than the contributors to To Cambodia With Love. Sharing their own stories in their own words, they will introduce you to some of the country’s most memorable experiences.

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To Cambodia With Love's Recent Contributions

To Cambodia With Love

Andy Brouwer's Introduction to To Cambodia With Love

To Cambodia With Love - tocambodiawithlove [638]

This is not a definitive guide to Cambodia. Far from it. It is about inspiration, discovery, sharing, and above all else, a love and a respect for a country that has changed my life forever, as I hope it will change yours ...

Destinations: Cambodia
To Cambodia With Love

Matt Ames Marvels at the Lasting Legacy of Khmer Comics

To Cambodia With Love - tocambodiawithlove [638]

When I first laid eyes on the comic books of Cambodia, I knew I was in love. They revealed primary colors, epic violence, monsters, and a sense of graphic design that was both crude and creative. Most...

Destinations: Cambodia
Topics: Culture | Literature | Art
To Cambodia With Love

Elizabeth Briel Braves the Train from Phnom Penh to Battambang

To Cambodia With Love - tocambodiawithlove [638]

Determined to ride the famously decrepit train from Phnom Penh to Battambang, I arrived at Phnom Penh's Art Deco-style station just after sunrise. Lines snaked around counters. Hawkers howled.

Destinations: Battambang | Phnom Penh | Cambodia
Topics: Adventure | Women & Travel
Pony cart in Kratie

Kim Fay Falls into the Rhythm of Life in Kratie

To Cambodia With Love - tocambodiawithlove [638]

Kratie at seven in the morning is similar to Kratie at noon and Kratie at sundown. Mellow. Midway up the Mekong River between Phnom Penh and Stung Treng, this is an old colonial town that does not...

Destinations: Kratie | Cambodia
Topics: Women & Travel | Nature | Ecotourism
To Cambodia With Love

Dickon Verey Catches That Pepsi Spirit in Battambang

To Cambodia With Love - tocambodiawithlove [638]

I spent almost three years of my life in the town of Battambang, which has a quiet provincial charm and laid-back ease. It also has its fair share of rumors and legends. One time, I was in the Balcony...

Destinations: Battambang | Cambodia
Topics: Culture | War & Conflict | Architecture

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