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Born in Prague, Susan has spent most of her life travelling. She decided to become a photojournalist ten years ago when she witnessed a water burial in India, and realised that enjoying food, people, architecture, cultures, nature and every mode of travel under the sun is a great way to earn a living. She gave up her day job as a secretary, obtained an arts degree at university, and then packed her bags. Since then she's won writing and photography competitions, has been published worldwide in anthologies, magazines, newspapers and has been a speaker at both writing and photography seminars. She's lived in England, Africa, Singapore and is now based in Sydney, Australia although her soul remains in Asia.

Susan Storm's Recent Contributions

Lijiang, China.

A River Runs Through It

Susan Storm - sstorm [1,087]

A UNESCO listed cultural heritage, Lijiang is thankfully not yet the domain of tourists and souvenir seekers. Regarded by many as the Shangri-La dreamed of in fable and myth, Lijiang is unchanged from...

Destinations: China | Lijiang River
Topics: Travel

Fortress Of Gold In The Abode Of Death

Susan Storm - sstorm [1,087]

I scrutinised my travelling companion. His coat was moth-eaten and dusty, his teeth looked like stained piano keys, his legs were scarred, he had knobbly hairy knees and flat feet, and to crown it...

Destinations: India | Rajasthan
Topics: Travel | Ancient History

The Price Of Love.
The Taj Mahal - The Ultimate Valentine's Present.

Susan Storm - sstorm [1,087]

It gleams in the moonlight, a ghostly ice-structure mirrored in the rippling water. At dawn, it's aglow with shades of violet, rose pink, and muted gold. In the early morning, shrouded in mist, it...

Destinations: India | Agra
Topics: Art | Architecture
The Komodo Dragon

Three men in a boat, a damsel and some dragons

Susan Storm - sstorm [1,087]

The ruler of the island, patrolling the shore as we attempted to land our dugout, was not a pretty sight. We'd obviously interrupted his meal - a culinary altercation with a large turtle - and he...

Destinations: Indonesia | Komodo
Topics: Travel | Adventure | National Parks | Animals | Nature

Photos from Indonesia: Rice

Susan Storm - sstorm [1,087]

A story told with photos.

Destinations: Bali | Indonesia
Topics: Travel | Photography | Agriculture

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