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Philip Game's independent travels began in 1960s Tasmania and have included a year-long odyssey hitch-hiking across Europe and western Asia and a stint as an adventure tour guide in Thailand and Malaysia. As Australian vice-consul in the United Arab Emirates, he had the unique opportunity to explore remote regions of eastern Arabia. Later, he and his wife Barbara survived thirteen months branded as 'resident aliens' in small-town Pennsylvania and then dodged Britain's remorseless television licence inspectors for six months whilst living in the town of Hertford. Philip is now a successful freelance travel writer based in Melbourne, Australia and a Member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers and a founding member of the Global Travel Writers' Syndicate. His work has been published in 29 countries and his particular interests are South East Asia, the Arabian Gulf, Outback Australia and business-related profiles.

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Philip Game - pgame [2,545]

With its Shangri-La reputation, the Himalayan kingdom casts a spell over discerning travelers.

Destinations: Bhutan
Topics: Travel
Mythical creature stands guard at the Royal Palace, Bangkok

Arteries of Bangkok

Philip Game - pgame [2,545]

Yes, even Bangkok has a heart, feeding the city's congested arteries. It can be found between the eastern bank of the Chao Phraya and the railroad, encompassing the original royal palace, the older...

Destinations: Thailand | Bangkok
Topics: Food | Culture | Travel | Shopping | Architecture
Aproaching Lake Toba on the switchback road south from Medan.


Philip Game - pgame [2,545]

Clouds of clove-scented cigarette smoke, diesel fumes, second-hand air: it takes a few gusts of fresh air off the mountain waters to dispel a fug like that. The four-hour ride from the steaming Medan...

Destinations: Sumatra | Indonesia
Topics: Culture | Travel | People | Beaches & Resorts | Nature
Approaching the watchtower, Tra Su Forest Reserve

Delta Delights

Philip Game - pgame [2,545]

Six-fifty in the morning, the coach reverses over a prostrate rat outside Saigon's smart Caravelle Hotel, and we're on our way. Bound for the Delta, that watery region with vaguely sinister war-time...

Destinations: Mekong Delta | Vietnam
Topics: Culture | Food | Travel | Agriculture | Nature
Sunrise over Angkor Wat

Angkor or Wat?

Philip Game - pgame [2,545]

It's the peace dividend: the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire now teems with tittering tourists, even in the pre-dawn darkness as we await the sunrise over the namesake 'mountain temple' of Angkor...

Destinations: Cambodia | Angkor
Topics: Culture | Travel | Architecture

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