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H'mong woman cooking at Ta Phin, Lao Cai province, Vietnam.

Lao Cai, Vietnam

Ha Nguy - nguyha [240]

Lao Cai Province, Vietnam - a photo essay.

Destinations: Vietnam | Lao Cai
Topics: Photography

Long way ahead for trafficked returnees

Ha Nguy - nguyha [240]

Naive or in dire need of funds to support their family, an increasing number of Vietnamese women have fallen victims of human traffickers who have forced them to work as slave or prostitutes abroad.

Destinations: Vietnam
Topics: People | Women & Travel
Selling fabric in Bac Ha market

Back to Bac Ha

Ha Nguy - nguyha [240]

A H’mong man is selling a cat. The buyer asks that: “Is your cat good at catching mice?” He answers “No, he doesn’t like to catch mice but he’s a dab hand at catching chickens.” The potential buyers...

Destinations: Vietnam
Topics: Travel
Terraced fields at Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai Province, Vietnam

Stairways to heaven

Ha Nguy - nguyha [240]

Adventure to the rarely visited far northern lands of Vietnam and witness the steeped banks of terraced fields constructed by the country's hardened minority people

Destinations: Vietnam
Topics: Culture | Food | Travel | People | Photography | Festivals | Beaches & Resorts | Fashion | Nature | Traditions | Ecotourism

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