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Ngoc Nguyen


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Hanoi , Viet Nam

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I enjoy the many challenges and rewards to my job.

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clean the stones at Cam Lo river

A trip forward into the past (the final part)

Ngoc Nguyen - ngocnguyen [372]

This trip took much more out of me than last year, but bumps, bruises, diarrhea, leptospirosis and leeches aside, there is a very deep satisfaction with this accomplishment.

Destinations: Vietnam
Topics: Culture | Travel | Photography | Adventure | People | 20th Century History | War & Conflict | Nature | Ecotourism

A trip forward into the past (part 2)

Ngoc Nguyen - ngocnguyen [372]

Instead of spending another night outside of the village we decide to go back to Dong Ha. We break camp and pack our gear quickly.

Destinations: Vietnam
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A trip forward into the past (part 1)

Ngoc Nguyen - ngocnguyen [372]

42 years ago, on a hill top 11,000 miles from home, a group of U.S. Marines engaged in a ferocious fight. Ragged, with clothes literally falling off them, extremely low on ammunition, with no food...

Destinations: Vietnam
Topics: Travel | Adventure | People | War & Conflict | Nature | Ecotourism
A day to DMZ

More Fun Travel

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More Fun Travel - a Vietnamese company specializing in Veteran tours of Vietnam for Vietnam Veterans of America and Australia. We understand our visitors’ need and interests. As this excursion, you...

Destinations: Vietnam
My Vietnam experience (part 2)

My Vietnam experience (part 2)

Ngoc Nguyen - ngocnguyen [372]

This is a small military story. It took almost a year to prepare and the ending results are beyond believe.

Destinations: Vietnam
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My Vietnam experience
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