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Hayama , Japan

Biographical Info:

Asia Images - John Lander is a writer and photographer based in Japan. John's destination pieces and photo essays have been published in numerous magazines, books and newspapers around the world.  Represented by Alamy and OnAsia stock photography as well as his own Asian Images collections online at www.asiapacificimages.net or www.photoshelter.com/c/asian_images 

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Asia Images John Lander's Recent Contributions

Tatami Room at Ekoin Temple, Koyasan

Koyasan - Japan's Holiest Retreat

Asia Images John Lander - johnlander [925]

Looking to stay in a temple (shukubo) in Japan? Ekoin is one of the most popular temples for this for foreign visitors...

Destinations: Japan
Topics: Food | Culture | Travel | Photography | Adventure | People | Traditions | Nature
Tropical Fruit Selection, Kampot, Cambodia

Cambodia Coast

Asia Images John Lander - johnlander [925]

Cambodia's Coast - from Kep to Sihanoukville

Destinations: Cambodia | Japan
Topics: Culture | Travel | People | Fashion | Performing Arts | Art
The symbol of the Moerenuma Park is the glass pyramid,  nicknamed Hidamari, designed by Isamu Noguchi a Japanese-Amerian artist.

Sapporo's Art Parks

Asia Images John Lander - johnlander [925]

Sapporo is Japan's 4th largest city and one of the newest as development only began in the 1800s. Up until then Hokkaido was considered a frozen wasteland. Thanks to its modern development, it is a...

Destinations: Japan
Topics: Travel | Nature | Art | Architecture
Costume Play Diver

Always on Sunday in Harajuku

Asia Images John Lander - johnlander [925]

Strolling down Harajuku's main drag, Omotesando, a gaggle of goths put on finishing touches to their gear for the day, checking their fright makeup. A few meters away another group, dressed as...

Destinations: Japan
Topics: Culture | Travel | People | Performing Arts | Fashion | Art
Morning Alms

Monks Life in Luang Prabang

Asia Images John Lander - johnlander [925]

It is 5 o'clock in the morning and the temple bell rings.   Monks and novices rise, don their robes and begin their first meditation session for the day.   By six the streets of Luang...

Destinations: Laos
Topics: People

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