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Jaswinder Kaur


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Freelance writer and researcher.Singaporean with family ties in Malaysia.Interested in all things Malaysian and Singaporean in particular.

Jaswinder Kaur's Recent Contributions

An Afternoon Stroll Through Malacca's Antique Row

Jaswinder Kaur - jazzkaur [355]

Malacca's antique row is the place where "junk" has been traded since the time of the Dutch in the 17th century. Incidentally, Jonker means junk in Dutch. I had bought my first antiques, from a shop...

Destinations: Melaka | Malaysia
Topics: Travel | Shopping

A Ride On The Peak Tram, Hong Kong

Jaswinder Kaur - jazzkaur [355]

Where do you find one of the shortest rail journeys in the world? Hong Kong Island! Nope's that wasn't a million-dollar question but certainly close to a million dollar experience! A short, fast,...

Destinations: Hong Kong
View of the Astana from the Waterfront.

Kuching - A Brooke Legacy

Jaswinder Kaur - jazzkaur [355]

I have been visiting Kuching, the capital city of the Malaysian state of Sarawak, for as long as I can remember. My maternal grandfather and grandmother migrated to Kuching in the 1930s. An early...

Destinations: Sabah | Malaysia
Topics: Travel

A Rail Journey (Singapore to Kuala Lumpur)

Jaswinder Kaur - jazzkaur [355]

Kluang, Kulai, Segamat, Tampin, Gemas - these are but some of the train stops and towns that the traveller catches a glimpse of, enroute to Kuala Lumpur. The state and size of the train station itself...

Destinations: Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia

Sarakraf Sdn Bhd

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Operating Hours: 10:00 am To 8:45 pm A wide selection of Sarawakian handicrafts, from basketry to beaded work. An initiative of the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation.

Destinations: Kuching

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