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I love India. My University has dedicated 25 years of research for the Kai Barta fisherman Villages  of India! THe thing I have found, and truly treasure about the asia that I have seen, is that while most of the villagers are financially poor, they are abundant in love and joy. Smiles, singing, dancing, and working together in the field create a beautiful harmony, and an example to westerners that money can't buy happiness.

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School Children enjoying the playground

Smiles and Sticks

Hannah Sartin - hsartin [110]

I was so excited to be able to actually get into one of the boats on the bramaputra river. The school children are so enthusiastic.

Destinations: India | Assam
Child at the door

Love and Laughter...in Assamese

Hannah Sartin - hsartin [110]

As I left my continent with five strangers just days after completing finals, I expected to be overwhelmed and distressed, but I soon found myself laughing and dancing with the village people of...

Destinations: Assam
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