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Emmanuelle Soichet


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Connecticut/Paris/Hanoi , Viet Nam

Biographical Info:

An avid fan of tai chi around Hoan Kiem lake at 5 am and of observing Hanoi's gangster-chic bourgeoisie in action, Emma has lived in Vietnam for the past two years, initially as a volunteer for the national daily Viet Nam News. She regularly freelances for travel magazines in Vietnam, in addition to a set spot as the features and travel writer for a popular Vietnamese newspaper online. Although born in Paris, she grew up in the far less exotic environs of suburban Connecticut, where she picked up an affinity for water polo and sociological studies of working class America. She studied politics, mastered quidditch and interned in the arts section of the Los Angeles Times shortly before moving to Vietnam. Now preferring wheels to feet and two wheels to four, she can't imagine life without her trusty Belarussian two-stroke and fears the extraneous burdens of the "developed world" and its superfluous documentation like life insurance and driving permits.

Emmanuelle Soichet's Recent Contributions

Bomb-laden Paradise

Emmanuelle Soichet - esoichet [407]

The exchange is brisk: a hastily counted roll of pristine golden notes passes into the hands of Boun Yong, a retired irrigation builder, while a makeshift team from the Mines Advisory Group loads five...

Destinations: Laos | Xiangkhoang
Topics: Travel | Women & Travel | War & Conflict

Dolphin hunting in Kratie

Emmanuelle Soichet - esoichet [407]

Technicolor cement flamingos. A rhinoceros. A giant dove on a globe. I looked around downtown Kratie in puzzlement. Surely these weren't samples of the wildlife this riverside town on the road north...

Destinations: Kratie | Cambodia
Topics: Travel

Ethnic appeal

Emmanuelle Soichet - esoichet [407]

The wizened woman seated next to me on the bamboo mat erupted in laughter over the zipper on my fanny pack. Sah-at, she cooed, tugging at it. Sah-at, or "beautiful" in Khmer. Zipping, unzipping,...

Destinations: Cambodia | Poutang
Topics: People

City of Victory

Emmanuelle Soichet - esoichet [407]

Vieng Xai is the living time capsule of a grandiose moment in Lao history: the victorious culmination of a three-decade Communist insurgency that cut the country from 200 years of Thai and French...

Destinations: Laos | Plain of Jars
Topics: Travel | 20th Century History

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