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wolfgang man kneisel - daniel-wolf [50]

Always in search for variations Buddha can look at you I saw "him" watching me from this angle and all I had to do was to capture the spirit of this light connection.

Destinations: Thailand | Phitsanulok
Topics: Culture | Photography | Religion | Art
The painter and the teacher

The painter and the teacher

wolfgang man kneisel - daniel-wolf [50]

walking around old phuket town I saw this beautiful situation that I was able to capture before it was"past light" already

Destinations: Sukhothai | Ko Samui | Hua Hin | Phuket | Thailand | Phitsanulok
Topics: Art | Culture | Martial Arts | Photography | Beaches & Resorts | Religion | Fashion | Architecture
Phuket town, Museum

The Museum is a museum

wolfgang man kneisel - daniel-wolf [50]

Walking around old sino portugies phuket town I found the museum being renovated, empty and beautiful.

Destinations: Phuket | Thailand

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