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Stories about Performing Arts in Bangladesh

Popularly known as Dhaliwood, the Bengali film industry churns out some 100 low-budget movies yearly.

Bangladeshis reject "smutty" Bengali films

Agence-France Presse AFP - Global [28,663]

* * * * * DHAKA, April 20, 2004 - The lurid, hand-painted film hoardings towering above a Bangladeshi movie hall foretell a familiar tale of sex, violence, betrayal and revenge. Popularly known as...

Destinations: Bangladesh | Dhaka
Topics: Economy | Performing Arts
Bangladeshi artist Mostafa Monawar, known as the 'puppet man' puts the final touches to a puppet in Dhaka.

Bangladesh's "Puppet Man"

Agence-France Presse AFP - Global [28,663]

Puppet shows are part of Bangladeshi folklore, but one man is trying to use the medium to spread social messages in a country that has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. Mustafa Monwar,...

Destinations: Bangladesh | Dhaka
Topics: Performing Arts
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