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Turtles Can Fly

Film Review: Turtles Can Fly

Celeste Heiter - cheiter [29,318]

Written and directed by Bahman Ghobadi, Turtles Can Fly was the first film made in Iraq since Saddam Hussein was captured and removed from power, it received awards and nominations at film festivals...

Destinations: Turkey | Iran | Iraq
Topics: People | Performing Arts | War & Conflict
Lamb-Filled Eggplant Rolls with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Lamb-Filled Eggplant Rolls with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Celeste Heiter - cheiter [29,318]

This Iraqi-style dish features thinly sliced eggplant filled with ground lamb, topped with a lemony fresh tomato sauce.

Destinations: Turkey | Iran | Iraq
Topics: Food
Snapper in Savory Tomato Sauce

'Lawrence of Arabia' Middle Eastern Recipes and Photos

Celeste Heiter - cheiter [29,318]

This Middle Eastern menu features a savory array of international dishes, including Pan-Fried Chickpeas, Black Bean Hummus, Falafel with Tahini, Snapper with Savory Tomato Sauce, Lamb Kefta Kebabs,...

Destinations: Saudi Arabia | Turkey | Iran | Syria | Lebanon | Iraq
Topics: Food
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Huong Viet Travel

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Topics: Travel
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