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Balloons over Bagan - Myanmar

Bagan, the Land of History and Stunning Ancient Temples

Exotissimo Travel - exotissimo [1,880]

Bagan, Myanmar - one of the oldest and most impressive archeological sites in Asia...

Destinations: Burma | Bagan
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To Myanmar With Love

Win Thuya establishes a public library in Bagan

To Myanmar With Love - tomyanmarwithlove [630]

This excerpt is from our favorite chapter in each volume in the To Asia With Love guidebook series. In "Paying It Forward," our writers share ways in which travelers can give back to the countries...

Destinations: Burma | Bagan
Topics: Literature
To Myanmar With Love

Michael Meadows breaks down between Mandalay and Bagan

To Myanmar With Love - tomyanmarwithlove [630]

Morning mist cloaks the sleeping city of Mandalay, its quiet streets a swirling sea of dawn-lit gray. Old buses growl irritably, spewing thick smoke as they cough and sputter to life. Blinking against...

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Burma is Back

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A lot can be read into what you choose to call the country. Burma is the historic British name, but the old ruling military junta officially renamed it Union of Myanmar in 1989. The NLD does not...

Destinations: Burma | Bagan | Yangon
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