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Stories about Ancient History in Taiwan

Book cover for Antonio Graceffo's upcoming book, Warrior Odyssey.

A Warrior's Odyssey - Interview with Antonio Graceffo

David Calleja - davidcalleja [1,466]

Antonio Graceffo's eagerly anticipated new book, Warrior Odyssey, covers the beginning of his trek throughout Asia. Commencing from 2001, his quest for adventure has developed into a journey of...

Destinations: Malaysia | Burma | Indochina | Vietnam | Korea, S | Taiwan | China | Cambodia | Laos | Thailand | Philippines
Topics: Travel | Literature | Traditions | Culture | People | Religion | War & Conflict | Ancient History

Book Review: Keeping Up With the War God by Steven Crook

Celeste Heiter - cheiter [29,318]

Part travelogue, part history book, and part cultural exposé, Keeping Up With the War God is an easy and entertaining read for anyone interested in piercing the veneer of modern-day Taiwan to delve a...

Destinations: Taiwan | Taipei
Topics: Travel | 20th Century History | Ancient History
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