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Stories about Ancient History in Pakistan

Kalasha Girl

A happy farewell

Muhammad Kashif Ali - kashifthegipsy [152]

Kalasha, a tribe from Pakistan, is a unique community: it seeks merriment in death.

Destinations: Pakistan | NWFP
Topics: Culture | People | Religion | Ancient History

Mother India

Laura Kelley - lauramk [50]

A traveler's experiences of culture and food in India before the monsoon.

Destinations: Bangladesh | Nepal | Indonesia | Pakistan | Tibet | Mount Everest | Hong Kong | India | Sri Lanka | Kathmandu | Thailand
Topics: Travel | Traditions | Food | Culture | Working Abroad | Nature | Ancient History

The Grand Mosque

Ameer Hamza - ameer_great [1,171]

Thatta, Pakistan, was once a glorious city. It had been the capital of Sindh in the past and at least four Muslim dynasties ruled over its fortunes. Since 1739, however, it ceased to be the province...

Destinations: Pakistan | Islamabad
Topics: Travel | Religion | Ancient History | Architecture
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