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Me sitting on Bauhinia sp. in Kebun Raya Bogor

Kebun Raya Bogor: A Treasure in the World of Plants

victor wong - mucuna [3,283]

I recently visited the Bogor Botanic Garden again, spending 5 days researching the climbing plants collection and get to know their involvement in plant conservation.

Destinations: Indonesia
Topics: Culture | Travel | Adventure | Agriculture | 20th Century History | Art | Nature | Architecture | Ecotourism
Lemon Tree

Film Review: Lemon Tree

Celeste Heiter - cheiter [29,318]

A lemon grove that lies on the border between Israel and the West Bank is the focus of this film, in which Salma Zidane, a Palestinian widow, must defend her family legacy against the destructive edict of Israeli security forces.

Destinations: Israel
Topics: People | Agriculture | Performing Arts | 20th Century History | War & Conflict
Recipients of a calf displaying their newest member of the family.

Over the Moon for Orange Cows: Easing the Plight of Vietnamese Farmers

David Calleja - davidcalleja [1,466]

For civilians in Quang Loi commune, any addition to their family that alleviates the hardships of the atrocities committed during the Vietnam War and their aftermath is a welcome sight.

Destinations: Vietnam
Topics: Culture | People | Agriculture | Animals | War & Conflict
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